Boss of Salon Caddies

BossCaddi is an innovative, arm based design that has no wheels and no bulk—just a smooth, seamless experience saving floor space.

Why BossCaddi?

No wheels or bulk

Tired of hair getting caught in the wheels of your salon trolley? BossCaddi is an arm based assisting tray designed to be clutter-free.

Seamless control

Perform your best work with total access to color, foils or anything else you need. Control the position of your BossCaddi with ease.

More valuable space

Traditional salon wheel carts take up 2 square feet of your floor. Free up precious space in your shop for better things with BossCaddi.

BossCaddi is a Winner

“We brought them in to the salon 6 months ago and they have freed up enough space in our busy salon to add a retail stand. We love BossCaddi“

— John Paul Colombo, Salon Hair After

Smooth and Efficient

“With over 30 stations for cutting and colouring, BossCaddi has helped clear up 12 roller trays that took up room when they weren’t being used”

— Marco Pigliarolo, Fratellies Salon Owner